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Change The Conversation

What is your relationship with yourself like?

When you talk to yourself, what are your conversations like?

Are you kind or judgmental?

Do you criticize or encourage yourself?

Do you give yourself time to do the things you love?

How often do you tell yourself how much you love and appreciate who you are and what you do?

Are you uplifted or depressed by the thoughts in your head?

If the conversations you are having with yourself are bringing you down, I encourage you to practice the art of changing the conversation.  When you notice you are feeling bad, pay attention to what you are telling yourself.  Then begin to consciously change those words by stating their opposite.

Here is an example from my own life.  I have always expected way to much of myself.  I have a tendency to say to myself things like this:

You did not get that done.  You should have done this.  What have you been doing?

Here is how I learned to change those thoughts:

Look how much I got done today.  I know I did not get everything accomplished that I had hoped but it was a good day.

Although I still have moments when those old thoughts rush in I catch them sooner and turn them around.  I tell myself daily how much I love and appreciate who I am and all I do.  I take time at the end of the day to honor myself.

It is easy to change the conversation.  You just have to practice…a lot!


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