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Let Go

The past few days I have not felt quite right.  Aware my energy level was low I began trying to figure out what to do to change things. The more I tried to figure things out the more out of control my thoughts became.

The usual tasks demanded my attention as well as some I had put off addressing for several months.  Unable to muster the energy to tackle them I finally reached the breaking point this morning in my quiet time.

Unable to figure it all out or know what to do about what felt like a mess I had created I just let go.  I prayed a prayer of total surrender and opened the flood gate of pent-up emotions.

There was an amazing release as I let go my own desires and expectations of myself and what I thought my life should look like.  I let go and let my inner spirit work it out for me.

I remembered the point along my journey when my retina detached.  Prior to that event I had worked out the perfect plan to face my fear of surgery, have the cataracts removed and get on with my life.  When I returned to work my retina detached and my sight changed drastically in a matter of moments.

Intuitively I knew it was bad.  I had no idea what was ahead.  I had come up against a situation beyond my ability to handle.  This was too big for me.  I had to surrender control of my life.

I asked my husband to take me to the river.  Once there I sat down on a rock and closed my eyes.  I could hear the rushing sound of the water as the river flowed past me.

In my mind’s eye I saw myself wrapped in a blanket much like a newborn.  Arms tucked inside I looked like a helpless baby.  I was laying inside the boat floating down the river.

At that moment I prayed a similar prayer of surrender.  I asked God to take care of me and take me wherever I needed to go.  I let go of my will and became one with the perfect will.

I am still in that boat, but occasionally I find myself trying to guide it.  That is when I feel resistance and all sorts of feelings that gently tell me to “let go“.

When I let go and all that stuff I have hung on to rushes out, my spirit fills me back up with healing love.  My energy returns.  I see things more clearly.  I begin to see that where I am and what I am doing now is perfect.  Because, I am in the center of the divine plan for my life.

What do you need to let go of today?

It is so much easier to allow the river of life to lead  you.  Then  you get to enjoy the scenery and not struggle with how to guide the boat.


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