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One Spring we decided we wanted to use the irrigation ditch to water our garden.  The ditch had been neglected for a few years.

In order to allow the water to flow freely we first had to clear the debris.   This required following the ditch from the source of the water to the outlet into the garden and pulling out leaves, branches, twigs and stuff that would block or slow the water.

When we thought the way was clear we turned on the water only to discover there were spots where the ditch was washed out. The water had to be stopped and the holes shored up.  This took a lot of time and hard work to complete but the long-term benefits were worth the effort.

When we got the water flowing freely, all the holes plugged and directed into our garden the results were marvelous.  Our garden was nourished and fed and in turn it flourished and fed us.

The same thing happens in life when we decide we want something to be different from it is right now.  The first thing we discover is everything that stands between where we are and where we want to be.

Often blocks show up in the form of old thoughts that do not support our new direction.  Listening to and believing those thoughts causes emotional upheavals that can stop us in our tracks if we let them.

It takes courage to pause in the midst of the perceived turmoil and follow the emotions to the thoughts that created them.

It requires time, patience and strength to stop and question our beliefs about those thoughts and find the truth that lies within.

Once we find the truth we are free.

One of my favorite tools to help me examine my thoughts is The Work of Byron Katie.  She encourages us to question our thoughts and find the truth that sets us free.


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Spirit Talk

You have a spirit inside you that is always talking to you.

Do you know how to listen to it?

And when you do listen, do you trust what you hear?

That inner spirit knows the truth about you and its job is to help you remember that truth.

Whenever you think a thought you have chosen to believe is true how you feel while you are thinking the thought is your inner spirit talking to you.

If you are feeling any emotion you consider bad you are thinking and believing something that is not the truth about you.

If you feel harmonious, peaceful, joyful, loving, etc. then your spirit is telling you what you are thinking is right for you. It is your truth.

Your job is to remember the truth of who you are and to live that truth here and now.

So how do you do that?

Spend more time each day listening to, agreeing with and believing what your spirit is telling you.

Talk to your spirit.  Ask it questions and trust what it tells you.

Get a spiral notebook and write your questions.  Then, without thinking about it write whatever comes to mind.   Do this everyday for at least a month and see what kind of insights you gain.

I spent several months asking my inner spirit these two questions everyday and recording them.  At first I did not trust the process but I kept it up.  It was amazing what I learned about myself.

The two questions were:

“Inner Spirit, what does it feel like to be inside this body today?”

“Inner Spirit, what can I do today to allow you to fulfill your purpose here?”

Those were my questions.  But, you must find your own questions.  What truth are you seeking for yourself?  Your inner spirit knows the answer and is ready to tell you.

Practice listening.  Spend more time talking, listening and trusting your spirit.  It always tells the truth.  And knowing that truth will set you free.

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