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Have you ever considered what motivates you to take action in your life?

A friend of mine uses fear.  She takes action from a place of fear.  Fear of what will happen if she does not force herself to do something she thinks she should be doing.

Unwilling to force myself into action from a place of fear I examined my behavior which results in no action at all.  I talk a lot about what I will do but never seem to take the leap into total action.

I discovered I was talking about it and not doing it partly because I had not really made a commitment to love and support myself.  On some level I was still questioning whether it was right, would I do it right, what would happen if…you get the picture.

I was judging myself and my motives and they did not match up to who I really am.

Then I began to ask myself what it would be like if I made the choice to take action from a place of love.

What if I took the action I wanted to take because I knew without question it was the most loving thing I could do for myself.

What if by making that commitment and following through with a consistent shift in behavior I would be proving I loved myself enough to give myself what I truly wanted.

So, I decided  to take action in the direction of what I wanted without being afraid of what might happen.

I decided to stop judging myself.  I began to praise myself for each tiny step I was making in the direction of my dreams.

I decided to begin to show myself how much I value my relationship with myself.

I decided to provide myself with the love, respect and support I always looked for outside myself but discovered lived inside me all the time.

Now I am focusing on the love within instead of trying to find it somewhere outside myself.






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One Spring we decided we wanted to use the irrigation ditch to water our garden.  The ditch had been neglected for a few years.

In order to allow the water to flow freely we first had to clear the debris.   This required following the ditch from the source of the water to the outlet into the garden and pulling out leaves, branches, twigs and stuff that would block or slow the water.

When we thought the way was clear we turned on the water only to discover there were spots where the ditch was washed out. The water had to be stopped and the holes shored up.  This took a lot of time and hard work to complete but the long-term benefits were worth the effort.

When we got the water flowing freely, all the holes plugged and directed into our garden the results were marvelous.  Our garden was nourished and fed and in turn it flourished and fed us.

The same thing happens in life when we decide we want something to be different from it is right now.  The first thing we discover is everything that stands between where we are and where we want to be.

Often blocks show up in the form of old thoughts that do not support our new direction.  Listening to and believing those thoughts causes emotional upheavals that can stop us in our tracks if we let them.

It takes courage to pause in the midst of the perceived turmoil and follow the emotions to the thoughts that created them.

It requires time, patience and strength to stop and question our beliefs about those thoughts and find the truth that lies within.

Once we find the truth we are free.

One of my favorite tools to help me examine my thoughts is The Work of Byron Katie.  She encourages us to question our thoughts and find the truth that sets us free.

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For some time now I have practiced ways to keep myself focused in the present moment.  Yesterday I noticed something different and want to share it with you.

I was taking a few deep breaths trying to relax the tightness in my shoulders.   As I felt the shoulders relax I noticed  another part of my body was also tight.

When I finally felt my entire body relax…a thought drifted in and captured my attention.   Immediately my shoulders resumed the same raised and tightened place they were in when I started.

After some time of working and observing it became clear the tightness was the result of fear.  I was afraid of what might happen in the future and that fear was keeping my body in a state of stress and dis-ease.

I turned my thoughts to the things I love and appreciate about myself.  I noticed and gave thanks for the things I am grateful are in my life this very moment.

As quickly as my body had become tense it became relaxed.  I was experiencing joy and peace in the place of fear and worry.

It is no wonder we have so many physical problems.  We rarely experience our natural state of simply being.

Living fully focused in the present moment is where we find our health, peace, joy and abundance.

I plan to check in with my body more often to see how I am doing at keeping my thoughts focused in the present moment.

Are your shoulders tight?

Are your hands clenched?

Are you tapping  your feet?

What is your body doing to get  your attention?

A simple change in focus can change your life right this very moment.

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Let Go

The past few days I have not felt quite right.  Aware my energy level was low I began trying to figure out what to do to change things. The more I tried to figure things out the more out of control my thoughts became.

The usual tasks demanded my attention as well as some I had put off addressing for several months.  Unable to muster the energy to tackle them I finally reached the breaking point this morning in my quiet time.

Unable to figure it all out or know what to do about what felt like a mess I had created I just let go.  I prayed a prayer of total surrender and opened the flood gate of pent-up emotions.

There was an amazing release as I let go my own desires and expectations of myself and what I thought my life should look like.  I let go and let my inner spirit work it out for me.

I remembered the point along my journey when my retina detached.  Prior to that event I had worked out the perfect plan to face my fear of surgery, have the cataracts removed and get on with my life.  When I returned to work my retina detached and my sight changed drastically in a matter of moments.

Intuitively I knew it was bad.  I had no idea what was ahead.  I had come up against a situation beyond my ability to handle.  This was too big for me.  I had to surrender control of my life.

I asked my husband to take me to the river.  Once there I sat down on a rock and closed my eyes.  I could hear the rushing sound of the water as the river flowed past me.

In my mind’s eye I saw myself wrapped in a blanket much like a newborn.  Arms tucked inside I looked like a helpless baby.  I was laying inside the boat floating down the river.

At that moment I prayed a similar prayer of surrender.  I asked God to take care of me and take me wherever I needed to go.  I let go of my will and became one with the perfect will.

I am still in that boat, but occasionally I find myself trying to guide it.  That is when I feel resistance and all sorts of feelings that gently tell me to “let go“.

When I let go and all that stuff I have hung on to rushes out, my spirit fills me back up with healing love.  My energy returns.  I see things more clearly.  I begin to see that where I am and what I am doing now is perfect.  Because, I am in the center of the divine plan for my life.

What do you need to let go of today?

It is so much easier to allow the river of life to lead  you.  Then  you get to enjoy the scenery and not struggle with how to guide the boat.

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