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Have you ever considered what motivates you to take action in your life?

A friend of mine uses fear.  She takes action from a place of fear.  Fear of what will happen if she does not force herself to do something she thinks she should be doing.

Unwilling to force myself into action from a place of fear I examined my behavior which results in no action at all.  I talk a lot about what I will do but never seem to take the leap into total action.

I discovered I was talking about it and not doing it partly because I had not really made a commitment to love and support myself.  On some level I was still questioning whether it was right, would I do it right, what would happen if…you get the picture.

I was judging myself and my motives and they did not match up to who I really am.

Then I began to ask myself what it would be like if I made the choice to take action from a place of love.

What if I took the action I wanted to take because I knew without question it was the most loving thing I could do for myself.

What if by making that commitment and following through with a consistent shift in behavior I would be proving I loved myself enough to give myself what I truly wanted.

So, I decided  to take action in the direction of what I wanted without being afraid of what might happen.

I decided to stop judging myself.  I began to praise myself for each tiny step I was making in the direction of my dreams.

I decided to begin to show myself how much I value my relationship with myself.

I decided to provide myself with the love, respect and support I always looked for outside myself but discovered lived inside me all the time.

Now I am focusing on the love within instead of trying to find it somewhere outside myself.






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A large portion of my energy the past two weeks has gone toward my blessing bowl business.  The leather  bowls are always teaching me life lessons and these past two weeks were no exception.  The newest lesson had to do with what I think I am worth.

My art business has grown along with me since 2003.  It suffered a little this past summer when I felt it necessary to work a part-time job that turned into more of a full-time job.

This winter I decided to work on my art business.  I experimented with color stains, new designs and expanded my offerings to appeal to a broader market.  I created a place online for potential galleries to view the range of my work as well as tell the story of my blessing bowls.  And, I improved the appearance and offerings in my online shop.

Satisfied with my newly created inventory I turned my focus to marketing efforts and attracted two new galleries in one week.  The first one asked for the information I had to date not taken the time to create, like a biography of myself.  That task alone took me two days.

I did notice it was easier to create than if I had attempted the task two years ago.  I felt a sense of pride as I shared my story and accomplishments.

Then came the task of pricing my new works.  The owner of the first gallery had very clear ideas about what she wanted.  To my delight she appreciated the one-of-a-kind free form style pieces.  Creating these brings me the most amount of joy.  Yet, when it comes to pricing them it brings up all those thoughts about whether or not I deserve what I want.

Recognizing my dilemma my husband sat down with me to work out a systematic formula that would price the piece by the square foot for materials.  Then all I had to do was add my hourly wage to the material cost, double it and there was the retail cost.

When we got to the hourly wage my husband pointed out the amount I was currently charging less taxes meant I was barely breaking even.  I had been feeling uncomfortable about pricing for a long time.  I knew it would force me to acknowledge my worth.

The exercise helped me see I was making progress.  I had graduated from a gift shop to high-end galleries.  I was recognized as a professional artist.   I no longer needed to be concerned with how much a gift shop customer would spend.  I could ask for what my time was worth and know I would be honored and supported by the decision.

The two new galleries were already planning marketing efforts for my works and I had not even shipped them.  I was providing professional marketing materials and photographs to facilitate greater exposure and the potential for increased sales.  I was acting like a professional and being treated like one.

When I decided to give myself a well deserved raise I felt a deep sense of peace.  It was my spirit’s way of letting me know what I was doing and thinking was good.  It feels good to know I am finally beginning to believe I am good enough.

What do you think you are worth?  I can tell you the real truth.

The truth is you are worth far more than you think.

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