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There is a great classic comedy skit where the therapist tells the client he can solve any issue in five minutes.  When the client begins to describe the problem and all the fear that surrounds it the therapist stops the client.

He then proceeds to tell the client to listen carefully to his advice.  If the advice is followed the client will be cured for life.  The advice is simply two words.  “Stop It!”

Although we may find this funny there is truth in the advice.  If we know something we are doing hurts then in order to feel better we must  stop doing it.

It is easy to see this in physical actions like putting your hand on something hot.  If you touch something that is hot and you get burned you tend to stop intentionally putting your hand on something hot.

What about the times we allow our mind to keep telling us the same story over and over that results in emotional pain?  Rather than stop the mind from running wild we continue to feel bad as it tells us the same story a thousand times.  And, with each telling we feel worse and worse.

We even begin telling others the story.  Maybe we think if someone agrees with us it won’t feel so bad.  At least we will have proof from someone else that we are somehow justified to believe this story that makes us feel so bad.

Then we get to listen to that person’s story that our story reminded them of and we can share in our mutual misery.  If others are in earshot they can join the party and soon we are all feeling hurt, pain and sadness.

We have within us the power to stop it.  We can stop allowing our mind to tell the same stories over and over.  And, we can stop telling that same story to others.

If you are just beginning to learn how to stop your mind it might help to simply give your mind a new job. Give it something else to look for and focus on.

I use gratitude to help change the focus of my mind.  Focusing on something in this present moment for which I am grateful gives my mind the task of looking for something I feel good about.  After continuing to give my mind this same job each time it tries to take me back to the old story I eventually begin to feel peaceful.  In time I find myself able to experience love and joy.

What is your favorite method of changing your thoughts?


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For some time now I have practiced ways to keep myself focused in the present moment.  Yesterday I noticed something different and want to share it with you.

I was taking a few deep breaths trying to relax the tightness in my shoulders.   As I felt the shoulders relax I noticed  another part of my body was also tight.

When I finally felt my entire body relax…a thought drifted in and captured my attention.   Immediately my shoulders resumed the same raised and tightened place they were in when I started.

After some time of working and observing it became clear the tightness was the result of fear.  I was afraid of what might happen in the future and that fear was keeping my body in a state of stress and dis-ease.

I turned my thoughts to the things I love and appreciate about myself.  I noticed and gave thanks for the things I am grateful are in my life this very moment.

As quickly as my body had become tense it became relaxed.  I was experiencing joy and peace in the place of fear and worry.

It is no wonder we have so many physical problems.  We rarely experience our natural state of simply being.

Living fully focused in the present moment is where we find our health, peace, joy and abundance.

I plan to check in with my body more often to see how I am doing at keeping my thoughts focused in the present moment.

Are your shoulders tight?

Are your hands clenched?

Are you tapping  your feet?

What is your body doing to get  your attention?

A simple change in focus can change your life right this very moment.

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Spirit Talk

You have a spirit inside you that is always talking to you.

Do you know how to listen to it?

And when you do listen, do you trust what you hear?

That inner spirit knows the truth about you and its job is to help you remember that truth.

Whenever you think a thought you have chosen to believe is true how you feel while you are thinking the thought is your inner spirit talking to you.

If you are feeling any emotion you consider bad you are thinking and believing something that is not the truth about you.

If you feel harmonious, peaceful, joyful, loving, etc. then your spirit is telling you what you are thinking is right for you. It is your truth.

Your job is to remember the truth of who you are and to live that truth here and now.

So how do you do that?

Spend more time each day listening to, agreeing with and believing what your spirit is telling you.

Talk to your spirit.  Ask it questions and trust what it tells you.

Get a spiral notebook and write your questions.  Then, without thinking about it write whatever comes to mind.   Do this everyday for at least a month and see what kind of insights you gain.

I spent several months asking my inner spirit these two questions everyday and recording them.  At first I did not trust the process but I kept it up.  It was amazing what I learned about myself.

The two questions were:

“Inner Spirit, what does it feel like to be inside this body today?”

“Inner Spirit, what can I do today to allow you to fulfill your purpose here?”

Those were my questions.  But, you must find your own questions.  What truth are you seeking for yourself?  Your inner spirit knows the answer and is ready to tell you.

Practice listening.  Spend more time talking, listening and trusting your spirit.  It always tells the truth.  And knowing that truth will set you free.

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